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Heres hopin' your holidays are good ones...
We wanna thank everyone for coming out to the Mad Monster Party @ The Knitting Factory.. "Thanks Chief" we had a blast.

Well, looks like we are taking some time off, maybe figure out whats next, so in the meantime i'm hearin rumors of a LIVE album.. Mmmm? Stay tuned...
Also, a limited pressing of the first album 'Sleeper' will be re-released in late Dec, (so if ya ain't got one get one!)


We're back!

We had a great time in Finland at the 72nd Rock 'n' Roll Jamboree! Very cool car and music scene out there. Lots of old American Steel. The people were very friendly and they REALLY know how to party out there! (hard not to I guess when the sun never sets) WOW!! Made some good friends out there too.

We will post some pictures and a story to go along wth them soon.

We hope to return.. FINLAND RAWKS!


The new 2CD comp for this years 'L.A. SHAKEDOWN' is now out and was favorably reviewed by KNAC On-Line. You can check it out by going to this link: (http://knac.com/article.asp?ArticleID=1946)

Also you might wanna check out the latest movie we have a couple of songs featured in.
It is called 'SCARE CROW' and is distributed worldwide (Block-Buster, Wherehouse etc, and soon to be aired on Cinemax) Blazing Haley also has some tracks on a new X-treme sports DVD named 'Hot Chicks and Party Tricks' (Mmmmmm?) It'll be aired on ESPN, and FOX Sports etc.. and should be available everywhere in stores soon.
Some of our songs are being featured on MTV's 'Fraternity and Sorority Life'. Haven't seen it myself but we're getting lots of good feedback. ( Might just have to give MTV another chance ;)

Good news on the touring front as well...
We will playing this years Hootenanny in Irvine CA on Sun. July 6th with the likes of Social D, and Little Richard. (more info on our events page)
Also, we will be flying out to Finland with Robert Gordon to play the '72nd ROCK 'n' ROLL JAMBOREE' on Sat. June 21st. So if you're in the neighborhood be sure to stop on by and throw down a few brewskis with us.

Keep checkin' back with us too 'cause we gotta bunch of stuff a-brewin'!


Just want to first apologize to all who got caught up in all the last minute confusion at the 'LA Shakedown'. We were right there with ya, fact we didn't know where we were playin' till the night before. Once we hit the stage all the BS just seemed to vanish (like magic) and had a f****n blast!
On a lighter note- We are flying over to Finland in June for the 'Mid-Summer Festival' w/ Robert Gordon, The Meteors, Go Getters and many many more cool bands. Also there is talk about this years Hootinanny. We'll let ya know more when we do...
Remember.. keep askin' yer local DJ's for us, and keep rawkin'!!


The LA SHAKEDOWN venue has been changed to The Variety Arts Center
940 S. Figueroa St. LA, CA
tixs and info: (323 662-6802 www.lashakedown.com


Happy New Year's!
Lookin' forward to a great year with some touring (maybe even across the pond) and LOTS of great shows...
Speaking of shows- we have a whopper of one coming up Valentine's day weekend. It's called "The L.A. SHAKEDOWN". The show will be at the LA Athletic Club in Hollywood with a TON of very cool bands sat & sun feb16-17, and if you've ever been there before you know how cool a venue it is. We are playing mainstage early sunday evening with some very heavy hitters on the bill. The show begins early afternoon both days. Here's the link to all the details: www.lashakedown.com
Try and make this one! It will be EPIC!


While the holidaze are rapidly approaching we just want to thank everyone for coming out in droves to our last few shows! We had a gas with Tiger Army, Nekromantixs, and with all the bands we played with out in Arizona.
We got some cool Christmas shows coming up that we'll tell you about as soon as they are confirmed.
Just a quick reminder that Christmas is almost here, so if you want your BH goodies to arrive in time you had better get you're orders in soon.

Happy Holidays from the Haley's, and check back often to see what shows we have coming to you're town!
And remember to call you're local radio stations and tell 'em you wanna hear Blazing Haley!


"Hot-Wax Alert!"

We are in the process of putting out a very cool 7" Split vinyl EP with our real good buddies LOS CREEPERS. It will be released on Split Seven Records, and we'll let you know when it's out...(ya gotta love vinyl!) Also, we got a couple of songs that will be featured in a new horror film called "The Scarecrow Lives" due to be released in early spring... Got some real great all age shows coming up including Dave's (our crazy bass player's) birthday bash @ The Troubadour on the Sep.17th, and a raging show @ The House Of Blues on Sunset with our friends Tiger Army on Halloween! (check our events page for details)
We are also gearing up for some tourage comin' up soon, so keep a look-out!


We want to thank everyone for showing up in FORCE to both our Santa Barbara, and Hollywood album release shows! You guys really make it all happen!! We'll get some crazy pixs up soon.

In some unrelated news,
We are gonna have 4 songs featured in "Tony Hawk's Gigantic Skate Park Tour" Seasons 1 & 2, soon to be released worldwide on (VHS/ DVD) Featured will be 'V-12 Ford', 'Vegas', 'Train To Nowhere', and 'End Of The Line' off our first album, (Nice!) so go pick up a copy.
BH has a lot more stuff cookin' and we will let you in on it as it develops.


New Album Release Date!

We are very happy to announce our new CD 'Mas Chingon' will be available everywhere Tuesday June 25th!!

If you want a copy before anybody else, you better show up to our giant release party sponsored by KJEE 92.9 FM at 'VELVET JONES' Santa Barbara, CA on Friday June 21st. (More info on the party on our upcoming events page.)

(Miss April Atomic)

Great news! We just finished up the mastering on the new album, and believe me it's hard as nails. With the assistance of Paul Dugre, it was mastered by Joe Gaswirt using the HDCD system at Oceanview Digital Mastering - Los Angeles, Ca. (Joe has a huge track record including mastering all the Ramones, Talking Heads, "X" plus tons of vanguard punk bands in NYC back in the 80's. He even did Pet Sounds by the Beach Boys.)

'HDCD' for you tech-heads means this recording was mastered in full 24 bit resolution and 20 bit high definition playback! (as close to vinyl as your gonna find) We are just putting the finishing touches on the album art, and should have the album out late next month.


I bet some of you are wonderin' who April Atomic is? Well if you haven't already seen her in Hot Rod Magazine or on the cover of the OC Weekly, you might just be living in a cave (but one with a computer if you are reading this). Anyway, April will helping us out by modeling the new merch line planned for release with the new album. (Looking forward to seeing that!) So stay tuned for all sorts of cool BH things coming up real soon!!! (ahhh, Spring is in the air!)


Well its second week of December and I was thinkin' I should update this thing.
We just spent the weekend playing christmas benefits in LA, and puttin' the final mixes on the new album.. Sounds great!!
It was good seeing all the southland bretherand at the [email protected]@NEYES Christmas bash in Whittier last weekend (Thanks to Mike Collins and Kelly for stuffin' their trunks full of brewski's).

*** The whole Haley crew hope you all have a very merry Christmas and a cool yule too!


Hi everybody.  It's now been over a month since the tragedy in N.Y. and D.C.  It looks like we (the U.S.) are well on our way to cleaning up this terror problem.  Way to go!!
Speaking of finishing things up (shameless segway) we should have the new album out for the holidays.  We are now in the finishing phase of the recording.  It has a bunch of kick-ass songs on it, so it should go over like gang-busters.
Thats it for now, but I'm gonna leave you all with a short movie I personally think should be nominated best documentary @ this years Oscars. It's called "Diplomacy"... ENJOY!


It saddens us and sickens us to no end that some people on this planet can be so cruel and cold hearted. It makes us really step back and appreciate what it means to be an American, the shining beacon of freedom and hope to the entire world. We all extend our deepest sympathies and prayers to all families and friends that were affected by this, and further more, we all stand behind our country's stead-fast effort to weed out and eliminate this continuing threat to humanity. God bless us all, God bless America.


So, how was your labor-day weekend? Ours was great, Dave got hitched on Saturday to a great gal named Tony, Brian was down in Burbank, layin' down some smokin' guitar tracks, and we are all still reelin' & a rockin' from our show with Brian Setzer's 68 Comeback Special a week or so ago, when he brought up the entire band for a three song encore. He would not let us go. Wow! now that was real cool! We'll get some pics up soon, but 'till then you can see some shots @ http://www.socalscene.net/blazing_haley/blazinghaley.html and oh yeah, if you get PAX network, you might want to tune in on sunday the 9th at 6pm pacific. "Hay, we'll do most anything for a free trip to Vegas."... And last but not least... You should try and make it to our next show on friday the 21st at Velvet Jones here in SB, we got the kings of ghoul 'Mr. Badwrench' on stage, and that's always guaranteed misbehavin'.


Hey gang, now if you already don't have this, we want you to go out and get the brand-new issue of CK-DeLuxe. Why? Because we are on the cover? Well yes, but besides that, it's the coolest kustom-kulture magazine available today. Jammed-packed full of cars, shows, pin-ups, us, and useful information about our ever-growing scene. So if you don't already have an issue, go to www.ckdeluxe.com, and find out where you can get one... And, oh yeah, the new album is coming along just fine.



We apologize to anyone who came to see us play at the Hot-Rod Rumble in Anaheim Sunday. Due to ongoing and last-minute promoter problems, last minute line-up changes, bands dropping out, and not returning our calls etc... we couldn't chance the drive 150 mile drive to play. We apologize to all of you that expected to see us. We were looking forward to this show..
In an effort to try and make it up to you... If you bring in a ticket stub to the Wildcat Wednesday show at Velvet Jones in Santa Barbara this wednesday nite, we will get you in for free.


Well, it's the middle of July and we are still in the studio. (Gee, I must of forgotten that we have day jobs and that we need to book larger shows to help pay for this crazy venture "dooh!") But from what I've heard so far, this record is going to be SO-MONSTEROUS!! Trust me, it'll be worth the wait.. At this point it looks like it will be out sometime in September. I'll keep ya posted...

Also, we want to thank all of you that came out to the Afternanny at Linda's, which was a Blast! b.t.w. (and lots cheaper than the $50 bones at the Hootenanny..Wassup with that??)


Our pal Brian Setzer has his new album "Ignition" due out june 12th. It's a stripped down rockabilly three piece, and we like that! So Check it out!



Well it's finally gonna happen!! Blazing Haley goes into the studio june1st, and we ain't comin' out till were finished! So if all goes well the new album titled "Mas Chingon" should be readily available by mid to late summer. We'll keep you posted... This thursday The Rumble At The Galaxy will be our last live show until the album is completed, so we really hope y'all can make the scene. (check our events page for show details)


Ed "Big Daddy" Roth



Just a quickie to let you know we haven't forgot ya... You probably have noticed that we haven't been playing allot lately. well, that is because we have been busy writing the last couple of songs for the next album. We are pretty darn close to finishing up, so if all goes well we should be hittin' the studio in May. I'll keep ya posted... Hey, who's goin' to Viva this year?? Let us know... Stay greasy and keep checkin' back.


In tragic news... Dale Earnhardt Sr. was killed in the final lap of the Daytona 500 on sunday. This comes as a great shock to all race fans around the world. He will be missed! For he was surely one of the greats if not the greatest in the history of NASCAR. Our best wishes go out to all his family and friends.

Dale Earnhardt Sr. 1951-2001


You can catch us on the latest edition of HOT-ROD TV on the Speedvision network. Its a segment on The Rat-Fink Reunion. (check your local listings for time and channel.) We would like to thank the fine folks at Pork Pie Percussion (especially Bill and Treve) for settin' Chris up with a real fine new drumset... (mmm,mmm, sweeter than a 61 Bubbletop 409!)


Hey gang!, now it's Your chance to put us back on the TV. (and not MTV this time) Go to our homepage and click on the Farm-Club link and give us a vote, and while you are there, check out "They get bad fast" a brand new song thats gonna be on our next album. This is our demo version but we think your gonna like it. (now I hear the vote button doesn't pop up 'till after you click the song and it loads... remember you can vote once a day per song) Now get goin'...


Hi gang. We are going to be the in-studio guests and playing live on the radio friday morning between 9 and 10am on 99.9 KTYD, so for those in the central coast area we hope y'all can tune in....and we hope to see you at the Wildcat benefit at The Edge on saturday nite! "that shows gonna burn" (but only on stage)


Unfortunately one of Santa Barbara's coolest nightclubs burnt down to the ground the other night.."The Wildcat Lounge" has long been our favorite place to play and ironically it burnt down right after our show last wednesday night. (Blazing Haley is no stranger to this kinda thing) So we along with The Wildcat crew are putting together a benefit for all the employees that were affected by this and will let you know on our events page when it's happening and who's on the bill....


"Action!" check out our new movie in the "see 'em in action" category on the band page. It's a three and a half minute goodie recorded in hi-fi & lo-fi streaming video. Yeah I guess we are going hi-tech, speaking of, we also have a very good friend designing us a "Flash" game for the site featuring the greasy hi-jinx of yours truly. (cool huh?) We'll let you know when thats ready.....

In other news... BH have enlisted the help of our friends at Seven South to speed-ship your orders (so now they're gettin' shipped real fast) Yeah, just in time for the Holidays!!

Well thats it for now. From all of us, "Have a cool yule and a frantic first!!!"


We want to thank the fine people over at MOON-EYES for including Blazing Haley's Cd in their 2001 catalog.... Speaking of which we will be performing again at this years "Rat Fink Reunion" on Dec.16, and I hear they are filming a major documentary, so we hope to see you all there!


Looks as if our recording project has been pushed off until January (due to the holidays and babies)...
In other news, we are playing friday dec.1st @ The "Knitting Factory Hollywood" with none other than the legendary Link Wray. Also on the bill will be Frank Black and Johnny Retsched. (this show comes highly recommended!)


Hi gang, just to let you know the Blood-Drive on saturday was slammin'! Our buddies Speedbuggy started things off, followed by The Amazing Crowns, then your's truly. It was really great to see so many of our loyal bretherend there.. especially those with well stocked trunks!...Now about the show, I really thought the beginning was way better than the later so-called headliners, I mean it was like a revival show with all the old bands last and the up-and-comers on early, not to take anything away from the show, it was still crankin' (I got a few pixs up on our Kustom Kulture page)....
Seems like our friends at "Fox Sport Net" just can't get enough of the Haley's...They are airing a two song segment on us today on "Blue-Torch TV" (Way to go!)
Also Blazing Haley is providing the sounds on a just released X-treme downhill mountain biking video called "Masters Of Reality" so check it out...
Nuff said.... now get to trick or treating.
HAPPY HELL-O-WEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


IT'S A BOY!!!!
There is a new addition to the Blazing Haley camp. Christopher Story V||| made his debut at 9:47 am this morning at Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital.
Mom, Dad , and Jr. are all well..... Wow!!! Full moon friday the 13th (happens once every 17 years) What an entrance!!!!!


Ooops we did it again (no not that Brittney song)
Hey gang looks like we are on TV again.. Your's truley (well at least one full song) will be featured next wednesday 10/18 at 4pm pacific and 1am on "Blue-Torch TV" a very cool X-treme sports show on Fox Sports Net. The segment is called the "Best-Trick contest" @ The panasonic beach games in Virginia Beach and it looks like Train to nowhere is gettin' a full 4 minutes of hang-time!! Yar dude!
Sooooo tune in daddy-o!!!!


There's a mention of Blazing Haley in the December Rod & Custom, which is due out October 17! On page 14, there's a little "news item" on the Rat Fink party in No-Ho, it says ".....there was plenty of live music from a constant rotation of rockabilly bands, including local favorite Blazing Haley, which IS becoming the required soundtrack for any custom get-together in these here parts."



Blazing Haley Racing sponcers IHRA Funny Car????

"The Blazing Haley Alky Funny Car From HELL Hey Chris, We are looking for sponsors,either major or associate to help defray the enormous expense of campaining an alcohol funny car. They would provide funds, racing parts, services, help pay for entrance fees, hotel rooms, fuel for truck, fuel for the car, and fuel for the team - gotta feed em ! I heard about your band from Hot Rod Magazine , they gave rave reviews , and I hoped we could get together and kick some ass at the track with the BLAZING HALEY FUNNY CAR FROM HELL!!!!!!! Maybe I was being overly optimistic or getting ahead of myself , but if you can't swing it yet - no big deal. Maybe next year when you land that major record deal , or win the lottery , we can go for the whole enchilada. But for now I gotta keep looking for some help with this rocket ship on wheels. Aim High -Onward and Upward

Frank (The Crank) Conlon Conlon Bros. Competition


Hay gang; Well It's probably time we put out a news section on our site..So here is the latest...

2000 is shaping up to be a killer year for Blazing Haley, with all the festivals, concerts, rockin' shows and being featured on MTV, plus radio and television spots... Along with getting everything ready for our next album its all been pretty crazy!! Speakin' of which we are going into the studio early september and should have the NEW CD in stores by dec 1st. (Now let me give you a little inside background on this.) We have got this studio in Burbank filled with tons of great vintage analog equipment along with a 16 track 2 inch tape machine (we are talkin' a BIG and FAT sound) and on mixing/co-production we also have Paul Dugree ( who has done most of Los Lobos and Dave Alvin's records - just to name a couple) So Expect a very [email protected]@L follow-up to our first album (Sleeper.)

We also have drummed up alot of industry interest so we will see what transpires with that. But don't you worry Blazing Haley will always continue to do it our own way or its the highway! We are just trying to get on some cool tours and get better distribution. That's it for now, Hope to see y'all at a show real soon, and keep an eye out for the new album... YeeeeeeeeHaaaaaaaw!