Mas Chingon
(Road to Ruin Records)

So it's finally here. For all your listening pleasure. The new Blazing Haley CD, "Mas Chignon," was FINALLY released. I say finally because about a year ago, in talking with Blazing Haley drummer Chris Story, he mentioned that the new CD was almost finished. I immediately asked when. He said about a month. For the last year, every time I have seen them, the answer to that same question has been, "About a month." That's been a long damn month. But who cares now? It's here, and it rocks.

I mean rocks. Forty-five minutes of straight up balls-out, full tilt, whiskey soaked, guitar driven, frenzied rock and roll. Damn I needed this.

From the opening track, "Time to Burn" you know you're in for a treat. It's opening drums will get your heart pounding and your head thumping in the best way possible. And it doesn't stop. The energy on this CD is almost as high as the live performances Blazing Haley is known for, which is a hard thing to do. Almost every rock CD I own pales in comparison to that band's live performance. Somehow Blazing Haley has managed to capture it and record it.

A lot of the songs on this CD, you will recognize if you've seen Blazing Haley play live in the last year… they've been playing the furious "Never Again," the Cramps influenced "A Date With Ivy," and one of my personal favorites, the Black Sabbath tribute/cover titled "Black Sabbath" out and about and now you get to have copies of these great new tunes and more for your very own.

Now one thing about Blazing Haley that people should know is that they don't care. Which is one of the best and most endearing qualities about them. They don't care what you think; they do this because they love to. They do it primarily because it makes them happy, screw what you think. And that is exactly why you will love them.

--the taNk gYrl


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Track List:

Time to Burn (Straight to Hell)
Never Again
A Date With Ivy
Another Time and Place
Trailer Park Annie
Hellbilly '58
High Plains Shifter
They Get Bad Fast
El Dorado
Runaway Truck Ramp Love
Black Sabbath*

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