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Every now and then, you go to a party where a bunch of bands are playing, expecting to see some good bands, and then all of a sudden you see a GREAT band.  So I caught Blazing Haleyís act at the recent Hot Rod Deluxe party at the LA County Fair, and I HAD to acquire a CD.  So I did.  And damn, am I happy I did.  For the last few days itís been in my CD player and there doesnít seem to be any sign of it being changed.  I was blown away by the live performance these guys put on, and that strange and psychotic energy they possess comes through on their CD, Sleeper, in spades. 

From the very first note on the CD, you know youíve found something truly original.  Maybe itís the fact that you canít really qualify these guys.  They arenít straight up rockabilly and they arenít quite psychobilly (though I would lean more towards the latter if I had to pinpoint them).  Throw in a little garage and surf punk guitar rips and you have a band that is so much fun you canít help but listen to them over and over again. 

The opening track on the CD has got to be one of my favorites, ďTrain to NowhereĒ is the kind of song that makes you want to drive really fast.  Track four, ďVegas,Ē is a bit more mellow, yet loses no energy to the slower BPMís. 

Singer Matt Armor has a strangely infectious voice.  Add that to the somewhat demented guitar of Brian Lakey, drummer Chris Story, the bass slappings of David Kruger (who by the way, I would like to ask why this man has covered his bass in the green fur of several dead Muppets?) and you have a combination that canít be beat.

Buy this album.  Itís worth every penny.  And then, find them, and go see this band. 

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--taNk gYrl